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The catalogue description of this course is:

EN 011 College Reading and Study Skills II 3-0-N
A course to further improve the studentís reading and study skills. Content includes practice in comprehension, speed, vocabulary, listening, note-taking, and test-taking. F/S (C, N, S)

    This course was designed to do all the college can to ensure student success in college and has been described as the most important course that a student can take here.  A student is required to take the course if the entrance score is below a specified level, but above the level for the basic course.  Students are taught techniques in the class that have been proven to raise their grades in other courses.  Some students elect to take the course even though they are not required to do so.  Understand, however, that the credit for this course counts for full credit in terms of financial aid, but not for credit toward graduation.