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    Introduction to Literature is a course which is taught in some form in just about every college during the freshman year.  Because the course involves building analytical skills, it is important in every aspect of civilization.  Business leaders have asked colleges to teach more courses like this.  Many students find a course such as this to be very interesting.  We hope that you will as well.

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    The catalogue description of this course is:

EN 111 Composition and Interpretation of Literature 3-0-3
A course designed to assist the student in understanding and appreciating fiction, drama, and poetry. Stress will be placed on oral and written criticism. Prerequisite: EN 110 or EN 120, or permission of the instructor.  F/S (C, N, S)

    This class requires quite a bit of reading, but the reading is in literature, so most students find it pleasant.  It is offered both as a regular class and as an on-line course.  The on-line course is an excellent way to take the class especially since the tapes are very well done.  A student can take the course from any place at which there is an internet connection.

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    Research is an important part of this course as it is in College Composition.  The research project for this class has been constructed in such a way as to reinforce the detail work that is necessary for doing good research and teaching the steps that one needs to go through to produce a finished product.

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