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    This is a website for Dr. Perry's ECC English courses, and is not an "official" college site.  For ECC's official website, go to: ECC.  There you will find information on all aspects of the college, and you can even register from there.  You can learn more about telecourses at: Distance Learning, and an extremely important resource is the library website at: ECC Library.  In addition, the ECC Foundation site which gives important scholarship information and has application forms is available at: ECC Foundation.  To check on dates, go to College Calendar.

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    A number of students are interested in distance learning courses.  The internet courses offer a nice opportunity for the motivated student to study in a more individualized fashion.  Classes and tests are held on-line.  In order to succeed in these courses, the student needs to be disciplined and self motivated.  For such a student, the courses offer a wonderful flexibility and save quite a bit of time in travel and so on.

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